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The Worth Data 7000 Series Terminal

The lowest cost, easy-to-use, radio frequency mobile terminal available on the market today. And it's Made In The USA.
Barcode Scanning
Intelligent solutions

The 7000 Series Terminals all come with a 1D bar code laser scanner built into the top of the unit. When you press the scan button, or the trigger on the handle, a laser beam scans at 100 times per second to pick up even poorly printed or damaged bar codes easily.

Mobile & Wireless
Instantly updates

Real time data transmission allows the operator to update live to their database, allowing for several varied transactions, all remotely with an easy to hold device.

Light & Ergonomic
A favorite among associates

Weighs less than 10oz and comes with a large high visibility 15 line LCD display and a keypad layout designed to make scanning and keying easier. The small size and weight along with the comfortable curved shape make it easy to hold and scan for long periods of time.

Helpful prompts are engaging

The RF Terminal can audibly prompt and advise the operator with pre-recorded prompts and error advisories triggered by the host program.

Worth Data RF FAQ

The Worth Data RF is designed for rugged environments, the 7000 series terminal can hold up in industrial applications with tests showing no damage after multiple 5 foot drops to concrete. It is dust and splash resistant, has a built-in connector dust cover, special coated keys for long life, a sealed keypad, shock mounted LCD module, rugged replaceable antennae, a tough thick wall polycarbonate plastic housing and an integrated rugged strap eyelet with attached strap for added security.

Each scan, and each time you press the Enter key, data is instantly transmitted automatically to the host. The host software (EncomPos Retail) sends prompts back to the display and can even trigger voice message broadcasts at the same time.  These voice messages are particularly helpful in poorly lit areas, cold environments, and keyless applications (faster scanning without having to refer to the display).

With advanced battery charging you can have a full charge in 2-3 hours or less! Intelligent charging replenishes only the power used - no need to fully discharge batteries or wait through a full charging cycle for partially used batteries! With the 7000H Series, handle units come with a second battery included in the handle which will effectively double the battery life of the unit.

The Worth Data 7000 series can cover over 1,000,000 square feet of open warehouse space and has over 3.3 miles of line of site RF range in an open area!

EncomPos RF Activities

Physical Inventory

Use this function to perform regular inventory counts or to do a full store count for the purpose of getting a year's end valuation and keep track how much of your store has been inventoried.

Create/Add To PO

Build your purchase orders while walking the store. Orders are automatically started upon scanning the suppliers item, allowing for multiple orders to be built at the same time.

Check In PO

Create a receive file to process against your order to update receive quantities, add products to the order that were scanned into the file but were not on the original order and zero out any that were not received.

Lane Bust

Scan your customers shopping cart and use the connected printer to print a tag. When the sales associate reads the barcode on the tag the customers purchases will be recalled to the point of sale.

Print Tags

Connect the Handheld to our portable label printer for on demand printing of one of our three different shelf tag stocks and many sizes of product labels up to 3" wide.

Set Min/Max

Set your min and max levels for how you want the system to re-order products, a more visual process than editing them in the inventory form view.

Product Placement

Assign products to floor or shelf locations to build a map of your store, a useful tool for sales associates who are learning where products are located the store.


Process returns to your supplier, creating a record in the Supplier Return Merchandise feature in EncomPos Retail that can be sent to the supplier for credit.

Price Check & Change

Scan a product code, view the product details and either accept or change the retail price.

Assign Product Group

Used to assign product groups that tie in with the Loyalty Discount Grid for automated customer discounting.

Quick QOH Replace

Instantly update product QOH values without having to do a formal Physical Inventory.

Quick +/- QOH Adjust

Adjust QOH values up or down - useful for quick recounts or for pulling damaged products from the shelf.

Add New Inventory

Products scanned in the New Inventory function are added to your inventory as a new item entry and if the product is found in a supplier catalog, all description, pricing and item numbers will be utilized.

Store Transfer In/Out

Stores with multiple locations will find this an easy way to move products between stores while still being able to track your inventory counts.

Order Product Tags

Stores without a portable printer can use the handheld to order product tags that can be printed from EncomPos Retail.

Set Expired Products

Process your returns setting the return reason as expired.

The Datamax O'neil LP3 Portable Printer

High Volume Portable Label Printer
Greater Media Capacity
To be more efficient

Almost twice the capacity of any printer in its class decreases downtime to re-load, thus increasing worker's efficiency. And it can accomodate labels up to 3" wide.

Bluetooth Connectivity
For more flexibility

Go wireless with the Worth Data RF and print shelf tags and product labels while walking the store.

Long Battery Life
To increase productivity

The LP3 printer comes with two standard 7.2V Lithium-ion rechargeable batteries, twice the power capacity of other barcode printers on the market.

Fast & Easy Label Loading
So you can keep on printing

The fast and easy side-loading design for label stock means fewer interruptions and increased productivity on the floor.