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EnTouch™ - Advanced CRM Automation

Retailers are constantly looking for ways to reach out to their customers.  EncomPos EnTouch CRM let's you schedule unlimited automated custom emails and/or SMS texts to your customers with beautiful HTML  templates to work with.   

EnTouch CRM Event Triggers

  • Age Over
  • Age Under
  • Day(s) After Birthday
  • Day(s) Before Birthday
  • Day(s) After Charter
  • Day(s) Before Charter
  • (x) Day(s) After Course/Appointment
  • (x) Day(s) Before Course/Appointment
  • In Customer Affiliation
  • In Customer Group
  • Membership Due (x) Day(s)
  • Last Visit Over (x) Days Old
  • Customers Added Within Last (x) Days
  • Spent At Least (x) $ in Store

  • Purchased In Department (x)
  • Certified In (x)
  • Top Certification Level
  • Day(s) After Trip
  • Day(s) Before Trip
  • Product Card Remaining Count
  • Purchased Product
  • Returned Product
  • Serial Numbers Beginning In
  • Serial Numbers Ending In
  • Customers w/Visit in Last (x) Day(s)
  • Rental Past Due
  • Special Order Ready For Pickup

  • Send Class Roster Sheet
  • Send Closeout Report
  • Send Daily Class Schedule
  • Send EOD Sales Summary
  • Send Group Leader Schedule
  • Send Instructor Schedules
  • Send Mates Charter Manifest
  • Gear Service Alert X Days Before
  • Gear Service Past Due
  • Work Order Ready for Pickup
  • Send Captain Charter Manifest
  • Send Cancellation Notices
  • Signup Confirmations on Classes, Trips & Charters

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