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Point of Sale Video's

New training video's will be uploaded regularly, so make sure to check back often!
(For best viewing, make the YouTube settings the highest resolution possible.)

Using Line of Credit Accounts

Establish a Line of Credit for a customer, tender against the account, pull statements to bill the customer and receive their payments into the account.

Create a Punch Card and Use it at the POS

Set up a punch card in the Retail Operations, use the card at the Point of Sale then view the card status under the customers profile.

Assign & Use the Direct Ring Buttons

See how to set items up as direct sellers in the Retail Operations and then how to use them at the Point of Sale.

Issue a Customer Return

See how to use the customers receipt to return merchandise or do a manual return when there is no receipt.

Special Order Items

Use your supplier catalogs to order and take a deposit for a specific customer. Use the reorder analysis to ensure the item gets ordered and received for fast and easy pickup.

Split Tendering

Tender a sale using multiple forms of payment.

Sell, Redeem & Recharge Gift Cards

Everything you need to know on selling, redeeming, recharging and reselling gift cards at the Point of Sale.

Package Items on the Fly

For unlimited packaging of multiple products, see how to use the Package on the Fly button.

Express Sellers

Learn how to make an item an express seller, customize your express seller interface for the POS and use the express sell to sell products.

Giveaway Gift Cards

Assign a value to one or more gift cards without ringing it through as tender, then give them away to customers so they want to come back in to shop some more.

Retail Operations Video's

Generate Business w/Promotional Barcodes

Create barcodes that tie to your promotions and/or reward programs to either email or print for mailers to get customers in the door.

Use EncomPos to Order  Products

An overview of ordering and sending purchase orders.

Use EncomPos to Receive  Products

An overview of receiving purchase orders.

Purchase Order Extras

Learn how to do things to purchase orders other than ordering and receiving.

Alter or Delete a Sale After It's Completed

See how to access a finished sale to change tendering, assign or reassign the customer, change commissions or delete the sale altogether.

Import a Supplier Catalog

Go through the process of importing a supplier catalog and see how to apply catalog updates to your inventory.

Inventory Search Overview

Learn tips on how to utilize your inventory search and editing abilities.

Get Your Sales Figures

An overview of the most commonly used reports for getting sales figures, tax numbers, valuations and more.

Create & Report On Your Reward Programs

Build a reward program that will keep your customers excited about coming back to your store.

Merge Duplicate Customer Entries

See how to take duplicate customer entries and merge them into one.

SCUBA Video's

Schedule a SCUBA Event

Use the calendar to schedule a SCUBA event and the roster to manage customers going on the event.

Service Your Customers Gear

Go through the steps of creating a work order, tying it to your customers gear, and picking it up and paying it off.

Rent Gear from the Rental Calendar

An overview of the Rental Calendar for renting and reserving gear for your customers.

Track Product Serial Numbers

Review how serial numbers get entered for each product and how to sell and track them against your customers.

Sell & Track SCUBA Memberships

Learn how to create, sell and track customer memberships.

SCUBA Forms & Waivers

Learn how to attach static documents to your classes, trips, charters and rentals and use the dynamic built-in agreements for automated printing upon signup of an event.

Build & Manage SCUBA Options

See how & where to create option groups and options within those groups and then how to apply and sell them along with your classes, trips and charters.

Add New SCUBA Courses

Use our integrated agency maps and custom build courses to schedule your lessons against.

Export Your Events to Google Calendar

Select classes, trips and charters that you want to export to your Google Calendar.

SCUBA Things To Know

Close your old events, build recurrences, certify students upon course completion and more...

Swim Video's

Design Your Swim Calendar

Set your pool hours to draw your calendar, indicate the number of lanes and pools to customize your swimming pool and how you want to view the lessons.

Schedule Swim Lessons & Signup Students

Set your pool hours to draw your calendar, indicate the number of lanes and pools to customize your swimming pool and how you want to view the lessons.

Sell & Track Swim Memberships

Learn how to create, sell and track customer memberships.

Pet Video's

Schedule a Pet Appointment

Schedule services for your customers pets using the appointment calendar.

Schedule Pet Activities

Use the activity calendar to schedule events and sign up participating pets.

Add Pets to Your Customer's Profile

Learn how to use the customers profile to add their pets information for scheduling appointments and activities.

Grocery Video's

Creating Kitchen Prep Items

Build Option Items for food being made in the kitchen to identify options your customers can choose from at the time of purchase.

Selling Kitchen Prep Items

See how option items sell at the Point of Sale and the kitchen receipt generated.

Image Selling for the Food Industry

Learn how to build an Image Selling interface, build an image library and assign those images to your PLU items.

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