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EncomPos Software Products

EncomPos Retail

Serving Retailers since 2004

EncomPos Retail is our core product.  EncomPos Point of Sale and Retail Operations back office give you the tools you need to run your business the way you need to.  Customized to fit your environment for maximum efficiency.

Mobile Solutions

EncomPos Time Savers

Mobility is key in saving time and energy in retail.  That's why we have mobile handhelds for inventory control and mobile printers for label printing on demand whether it be for product labels or shelf tags we've got you covered.

EnCorp™ Multi-Store

Multi Location Sharing

The ability to share inventory, price changes, promotions, store transfers, customer accounts, store credits and gift cards, and view onhand counts means your reach just got bigger and your customers just got happier.


EnTouch™ CRM

Reach Your Customer's Today

Our automated email and SMS texting consists of custom triggers and HTML templates for you to design and structure how, what and when you want to send your customers.  Then you can sit back and watch it happen.

Scubaocity Sync

Online Calendar Sharing

Automatically sync online reservations to and from your Scubaocity site and EncomPos Retail without having to think about it. It's seamless connectivity between the store and your online calendar make your life a lot easier.

Merchant Services

Integrated Processing and more!

Not only does EncomPos Retail offer the most current and secure methods of processing: EMV & Tap to Pay, but we also utilize tokenization - secure card storage for future payments without the need for a credit card or phone.

Failsafe Register

So You Can Keep Doing Business

Lose your server or your network and continue running sales at your POS stations with our Failsafe Register.  Each station has the ability to run locally until the server or network comes back up.  Sales during downtime automatically sync to the server upon detection.